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My recent post of a new nailgun, with only the information that I’d received in my e-mail, drew the attention of the DeWalt-16’s creator David Wiggins. Dave graciously provided us with more pictures and the story behind his cool tool-themed M-16.

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It started when Dave saw the picture below, back in 2003, and thought, “I can do better than that.”

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Dave says, “I’d just picked up a new (to me) M-16 and was in the process of fixing it up a little. It needed new furniture anyway, so I sourced the safety yellow stock, guard, and grip. Then, I went down to the DeWalt factory service place a few miles from the house to get a sticker. There, I saw they had brand new battery casings, so I picked up one of those too. I got home, found a short magazine , and got to work.

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“I traced an approximation of the size hole I’d need in the top of the plastic casing, and slowly dremeled away the plastic I didn’t need. Once done, I epoxied the magazine body into the hole and quickly assembled everything so that I could make sure it all looked right before the epoxy set up. Once the epoxy cured, I took the mag back apart, cleaned up some of the bigger resin boogers, and then masked the top of the mag and hit it w/ some mil-spec glossy black coating (aka Krylon).”

Dave included these pictures for our viewing enjoyment: the Dewalt-16 on the cleanest workbench ever; details on the slingmount; details on the selector; and a great shot of the battery/magazine.



Three Toolmonger cheers for Dave — we always love a high-powered, fully automatic, cordless tool, and the DIY spirit just cranks it up a notch!


40 Responses to Update: DeWalt-16

  1. Rembreto says:

    That should be standard issue in the gun rack of every contractor’s truck. It would probably make those ‘punchlist’ meetings go alot faster.

  2. Josh says:

    With all the crack head stealing stuff out of peoples vans it should be standard issue haha

  3. kythri says:

    Milwaukee AR-15: http://www.barnabys.blogs.com/photos/uncategorized/sawzallcamo.jpg

    One of the gents at http://www.ar15.com is responsible for this, and many others…

    Google “barbie-15” sometime…

  4. Scienkoptic says:

    Well if it’s like most dewalt cordless products, the battery will be dead after the first two rounds or the barrel will fall off!

  5. Dj says:

    Let it be said… I’ve had the privilege of firing Mr. Wiggins’ finely crafted DeWalt-16. It is short enough, light enough, and well balanced enough to spend the whole day with it in your hands, working in tight quarters, just as one would expect from a real DeWalt tool. Furthermore, when necessary, the “Rock-n-Roll” fire selection will help you rip right thru the job, meeting deadlines swiftly and effectively when necessary. 🙂

  6. Shopmonger (aka Donny B) says:

    Scienkoptic = dont jump to conclusions I use a ton of dewalt gear and have no problems … and I DO NOT baby my tools .

    But as for the post… AWSOME….. this is just plain cool.

    Hats off and beers raised

  7. eschoendorff says:

    That’s pretty badass. now if we could just get Mr. Wiggins to post a video of his DeWalt-16 in action….

  8. Jason says:

    Yeah, that is just awesome. I want to know when we can all get them at Home Depot!

  9. Lysol says:

    Wow this guy played alot of quake

  10. Justin says:

    Man, I’d be worried about DeWalt asking you to take this post down for some from of trademark infringement, or otherwise brand confusion… Hopefully they have a sense of humor.

  11. David Wiggins says:

    There is video of the DeWalt-16 in action, but I’m not posting the link because I like my server to stay up and running 🙂

  12. Zathrus says:

    So put it up on YouTube!

  13. David Wiggins says:

    Meh. That would require… you know… effort.

  14. full metal jacket says:

    Is this a real M-16 or just a cool AR-15?

  15. construction hunter says:

    where can i get one or these things

  16. Jim Gibas says:

    How can i get a Dewalt gun

  17. banga moanga says:

    still leathal and way too cool to be a tool

  18. wayne says:

    You are a jerk Dave for making so much news about it that it is costing people allot of time just looking it up so they can buy one.

  19. SgBriggs says:

    Needs custom ammo that has a nail in staid of a regular bullet. Practical and awesome.

  20. Shaun says:

    How and where can I buy one please

  21. Querida Hope Messer says:

    I’d like to know how to get one myself.

  22. Raymond Cochran says:

    the only improvement that i could see with this amazing variant it to incorporate a drum style(single twist) mag using the battery casing as the housing unit. i love the variant tho and as a member of the armed forces i would carry this into combat, talk about a fake out.

  23. Shawn Withaeger says:

    I seriously want one of these. How do I order?

  24. cr.crews says:

    This would look awesome as a bullpup conversion!

  25. kem m says:

    Yea man was thinking same thing

  26. suesman says:

    That is just too damn cool.

  27. rusty beaver says:

    want order a DeWalt-16 Toolmonger !

  28. kaferdave says:

    I wish they actually existed, and were operational, and were available for purchase.

  29. Kenneth Ritchie says:

    Is this a bullet firing rifle as some of the links say it is or is it a nail gun? If a nail gun where could I purchase one and what is the cost?

  30. chinese man says:


  31. manie lourens says:

    Where do I order and what is the price?


  32. Bill says:

    Where can I guy this?

  33. Adam Warloct says:

    I would like to have one custom made, honestly.

  34. Bernardblash says:

    Ok where can i get one of these!!!!

  35. SirJackson817 says:

    Where can I purchase one ? This is a awesome but legal way to keep violater out

  36. John says:

    I wish it really shot the 16D nails.Id purchase one today if they were available!

  37. Sandra says:

    Where and how do i get one. No info is listed on purchasing it. I own several dewalt products already and love them.

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