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Getting started in blacksmithing usually requires a pretty decent start-up cost. But if you want to do it on the cheap, the instructions on Zoeller Forge’s site will show you how to build a gas forge without a welder or a cutting torch. With a drill, hole saw, tap, vise grips, and a workbench, you can make your own atmospheric gas forge.

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Atmospheric Gas Forge [Zoeller Forge]

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One Response to How To: Gas Forge Plans

  1. tmib_seattle says:

    Zoeller Forge is also a great place to pick up burner flares or whole burner units. It’s where I got the sidearm burners for my forge.

    The one thing I would add to their forge plans is to use Mazzou castable refractory to coat your forge when it’s done. The extra layer of insulation and refractory is good for heat retention, and because it dries hard like brick or concrete it does a lot for the durability of your forge.


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