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Plastic Razor Blade

As as strange as it sounds, ScrapeRite manufactures plastic razor blades. Why on earth would you want a plastic razor blade? Designed for the automotive detailing industry, these blades can remove most stuck-on paints, adhesives, or other muck without damaging the surface like harder steel razor blades.

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These standard-sized, double-edged, plastic razor blades fit in most razor blade holders. They can be used for scraping, peeling, or cleaning a variety of materials such as acrylic, plastic, vinyl, leather, painted metal, glass, rubber, tile, finished wood, and more.

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The blades come in three different types: a rigid yellow blade, a flexible blue blade, or a flexible and long-lasting, general-purpose orange blade. ScrapeRite makes their blades with hot, injection-molded plastic for high strength and stiffness. The plastic also resists many chemicals and solvents.

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For $9 you can buy a 25 pack of these plastic blades. If you need a holder you can buy five blades and a holder for $4 to $6.

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11 Responses to Plastic Razor Blades

  1. Lew says:

    If you want to remove caulk or stickers adhered to any porcelain bathroom fixture or dried paint drips off hardwood floors – this is a winner. I last used them in my last renovation when the threat of a steel razor blade might scratch a ‘delicate’ surface. Added bonus: they have also work great on getting little kid’s stickers off our living room furniture (grrr).

  2. LDobie says:

    Not only are they useful for those uses outlined above, but what a great way to get a razor blade aboard and aircraft now days! *looks out window to see the feds pulling up driveway*

    Seriously though, would be great for scraping the algae out fo my aquariums as well!

  3. Bob Thomas says:

    I’ve seen these mentioned in passing before,now I finally know where to get them. Thanks.

  4. cDub says:

    Sup, airport security.

  5. Jeff says:

    Could I shave with these?

  6. Well, if you download the PDF from the manufacturer it says that you CAN cut with them, but that’s not recommended.

    As for shaving, you’d probably have a better chance cutting your face then any whiskers.

  7. [...] Plastic Razor Blades Plastic razor blade sounds like the name of an underground punk band rather than the new rage with automotive detailers. Auto painters use ‘em to strip away paint and adhesives without damaging freshly completed body work.  Toolmonger readers also point out that you still wouldn’t want to take ‘em through airport security. [...]

  8. Keith says:

    Use them to trim wax fill from nail hole filling

  9. mike hurley says:

    Scrape Rite no longer fulfills orders. Coastal Distributors is manufacturing plastic razor blades to fill in the loss.

  10. Kayla says:

    You can use these to clean the inside of glass aquariums without scratching them.

  11. Mark says:

    Which color blade would be best to get off a decal that has been on my truck paint for 8 years??? And unfortunately it is huge!

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