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We love shop projects that are designed in the shop for the shop. Even if they’re not furniture-grade or constructed from exotic lumber, these sturdy structures make life in the shop better. Take these shelves posted by Flickr pool member tmib_seattle for example. They may look a little rough, but they’re also well-built and ready to go in no time.

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Putting a bunch of time into making these look better or finishing them out with a bunch of frills and trim pieces would only be more work with no real payoff. But they might look better if they were sporting a new pair of gloves from your favorite tool blog, so we have some on the way!

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3 Responses to Glove Winner: Shop Shelves

  1. tmib_seattle says:

    Thanks! I saw no need to make these look fancy. I’m just as likely to stack greasy engine parts on them as anything else, so prettying them up wasn’t really a high priority (plus, since they are attached to the bare framework of the wall, it’s going to look a little ugly no matter what.)

    They’re good and strong though- putting the stringers across the studs in the back makes a hefty support for the backs of the shelves, and as a result it’s strong enough that I can climb them if I wanted to.

    This was just a case of needing storage space and wanting to go cheap. OSB and 2×4 studs + some deck screws were all it took.

  2. Q says:

    Can you give us some dimensions ? How deep are the shelves ? 2 feet ? 6 feet long ?

    Found another interesting style

    • ambush27 says:

      The Toolmonger philosophy is not so much to provide detailed plans but to nurture ideas. besides this post is almost 5 years old. If you go back to the photo pool linked you might find more pictures but its a fairly safe assumption that the studs in the background are 16 inches on centre and the osb is cut into either thirds or halfs or a sheet width ie 16 or 24 inches deep. basically you want to build for your space with this kind of unit. 3 inch long wood screws provide good strength and quick assembly with softwood you can get away without predrilling with a #8 or #10 screw. I hope this will help with your project.

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