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Randy pointed us to this simple, homemade tube butt-welding jig over at Street Rodder magazine’s website as a great application for cheap-ass clamps like the ones we posted yesterday.  (This particular project actually uses C-clamps instead of locking-pliers-type, but you get the idea: inexpensive clamps of all types are prime for welding into a jig.)

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The article (link below) walks you through the whole process of building the jig complete with pictures of every step.

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Homemade Tube Butt-Welding Jig [Street Rodder]

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3 Responses to A Homemade Welding Jig: A Great Use For Cheap-Ass Clamps

  1. Kevin Jack says:

    Very nice… looks like an afternoon project I will have to attack!

  2. dlone says:

    Great idea! This article justified the cost of my Toolmonger subscription all by itself.

  3. sealo lee says:


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