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Ridgid 18v Adhesive / Caulk GunWhen the word caulk comes up in a project, the same visions spontaneously appear in our minds: poking nails and wire into a tube and caulk oozing unevenly out of the tip of that tube. To the rescue comes Ridgid’s 18-volt adhesive/caulk Gun.

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The 18-volt adhesive/caulk gun can apply caulk, adhesives, or sealers from either 10.1 or 30 oz. tubes. There are no special fittings or attachments needed to go from one size tube to the other. What piqued our interest, though, is the adjustable speed control that allows for consistent bead application (something horribly lacking in our caulking projects) which enhances the quality of the work and means less cleanup. It also features a locking-off button to prevent any accidental start-ups that would lead to drips.

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Priced at $149 and available through Home Depot, the 1R84040 is not for the casual caulker.

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Ridgid 1R84040 18v Adhesive/Caulk Gun [Home Depot]

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