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post-pls2e.jpgPacific Laser Systems’ new PLS2E laser system is designed to fill the gap between a hobbyist’s simple laser level and a professional’s rotary laser. 

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The PLS2E consists of a laser unit with a mounting bracket and a laser detector.  The laser unit weighs 1.7 lbs. and is about palm-sized, and it can be attached using the included wall bracket or via direct mounting to a camera tripod.  The detector can sense laser lines up to 60′ away accurate to 1/8″ every 30′.  It runs approximately 30 hours on three AAA batteries.

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At around $375 list for the kit with carrying case, it’s more expensive than many entry-level laser level systems, but far less than the $800-$1,000 of a good rotary laser.

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The PLS2E’s available via a variety of tool distributors, or (as almost always) online for less.  We found street pricing as low as $190 today.

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PLS28 Hand-Held Plumb Level Laser System [Pacific Laser Systems]
Street Pricing [Froogle]

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2 Responses to PLS2E Hand-Held Plumb Level Laser System

  1. sisco says:

    does it has pendulum lock for safety on transportation?
    is there anybody up there ever use pls LD which is pulse laser detector with bosch gll 2-50

  2. Peter says:

    I was really hesitant to buy this tool at first, but I was on a tight budget and the price was fairly reasonable so I gave it a try when we recently remodeled our kitchen. It proved to be very useful. I used it to level the counters, and hang the cabinets and lights. The combination of a mounting bracket and a laser detector make this a very useful tool. The laser is easy to setup and works well enough for real precision. I say it is perfect for indoor use and well lit rooms. I have yet to try it outdoors, though.

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