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Motorcycle Spoke Wrench SetIf you have an old motorcycle around that you’re working on — like we do right now — chances are it has spoked wheels.  Now, you’ve probably been told that the way to tighten them is to take your wrench, whack the center, and see if it “rings” or “blaps.”  (“Blap” means it’s loose.)

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Sure, it works some of the time.  However, if you’ve ever over-torqued one and snapped it, or pulled your wheel slightly out of round by under- or over-torquing just a few spokes, then this set (link below) may save you a trip to the local wheel shop.

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At $99.99, it’s probably not going to be the least expensive tool you own, but it could save you twice that if you have to replace a whole rim.

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Excel Spoke Torque Wrench [MotorcycleSuperstore.com]

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One Response to Motorcycle Spoke Torque Wrench: The RIGHT Way to Torque Spokes

  1. Richard Robertson says:

    I have a torque wrench that locking nut seems to upset the setting of the torque when you tighten it. In general, I found it inconvenient to use – have seen/used much better designs that are similar to e.g. what you’d get on a ratchet screwdriver.

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